Perlara PBC Announces Pharma Collaboration

San Francisco, California, October 19, 2016

Perlara PBC (previously Perlstein Lab PBC) today announced the formation of a drug discovery and development collaboration with Novartis to identify new definitive therapeutics for lysosomal storage disorders, starting with lead program Niemann-Pick Type C Disease. In addition to the collaboration, Novartis has made an equity investment in the company. Financial terms are not disclosed.

“Our expertise in whole-animal phenotypic screens, model organism genetics and automation is complemented by Novartis’ world-class pathway and chemical biology expertise, clinical experience and global leadership,” said Ethan Perlstein, Ph.D., CEO, Perlara PBC. “We are eager to begin this next chapter so that our platform technology and discovery programs can move faster to our goal of helping patients and families impacted by diseases with high unmet need.”

Perlara PBC launched in the Spring of 2014 with discovery programs in Niemann-Pick Type C Disease and NGLY1 Deficiency. Earlier this year Perlara PBC received additional seed funding from Y Combinator.

About Perlara PBC
Perlara PBC is a scientific discovery Public Benefit Corporation that works with patients and drug companies to find treatments for diseases previously believed to be too rare to cure. The company is based in San Francisco, California. For more information, please visit us at, connect with us at @PerlaraPBC on Twitter and at on Facebook, and learn about our commitment to research transparency and patient engagement on our blog,

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