Sustainable business…walking the talk

Benefit Corporation

Practicing sustainability

Public Benefit Corporation

We chose to incorporate as the first biotech Public Benefit Corporation because we are accountable for our actions as a company and as individuals within the context of a balanced and healthy global economy and environment.

PBC report

Since our founding in 2014, our mission has guided our actions—from operating our lab in a sustainable way, to the science we pursue—finding treatments that improve quality of life for the smallest patient groups and can scale to the largest interdisease populations. Take a look at our 2017 Public Benefit Corp Report.

Open Science

Share more, share often… better science

Transparency in our DNA

The greatest scientific advances have occurred in an environment of open sharing across disciplines and contrarian points of view. Our approach as a business and as scientists is inherited from that ethos.

Our heart is an open Blog

Our blog “The Ark” and tweets are our journal. There are no gatekeepers. Breakthroughs and bungles in science and business are there for your consideration and feedback.  We will learn and grow together to find the best outcomes for the patients and communities that we serve.

Patient Equity

Everyone has skin in the game


The PerlQuest model makes it possible for families and patient advocacy groups to be partners in their own journey of therapeutic discovery with the knowledge that, in the process, treatments for other people and diseases may be revealed.


PerlQuest partners share in the upside of commercializing discoveries from a PerlQuest into a new clinical venture. Co-ownership reinforces the mission to find a cure and contributes to the sustainability of all partners.

Living cost of research

Smallest sacrifices, largest rewards

Mammals matter

The PerlArk™ Platform uses simple animals like yeast, nematodes, fruit flies and zebrafish to identify potential therapies, which conserves the lives of larger animals like the mice, dogs and primates necessary for later research phases.

Tiny critters, more cures, lower cost

Our unique multiple small organism approach allows us to rapidly identify potential therapies for a single inherited disease at a lower cost. Each disease shares some characteristics with other diseases, allowing us to apply therapies to more diseases and improve quality of life for more people.

Pleasing the planet

Our bottom line…people, planet, profits

Buy local

We often work with local sources for lab supplies and equipment to reduce our shipping footprint and support the local economy. Buying local is in keeping with our environmental mission to reduce the carbon footprint of drug discovery.

Buy diverse

The richness of our supply chain is in step with our scientific approach. Strength in diversity. We are aligned with businesses of many stripes that share a commitment to excellence and sustainability.

Waste less

We know that waste in our business practices can have an effect on the environment and our bottom line. We are on the lookout for nondegradable or extra lab and shipping materials that could end up choking our oceans.

Open business

Lessons learned and shared

Trust through transparency

PerlQuest partners, staff, investors, and vendors have a stake in Perlara’s success and a right to know what is going on in the business. We make regular, frank blog posts about our financial status and challenges.

Our word is our bond

We are as meticulous in our business dealings as we are in our science. Straightforward and timely communication is foundational to Perlara.  We honor our commitments.

Strength in diversity

Perlara’s team reflects our world. Every age, sex, expertise and continent is represented. We share an enthusiasm for scientific discovery and a commitment to the families we serve.

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