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Finglas family photo courtesy of John Shortt Photography

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“We are absolutely thrilled and excited about the prospects that the new MSD fly models will bring. We hope to be able to move forward with further studies to repurpose or develop a viable treatment for MSD patients. I am sure a number of MPS conditions can also be impacted by these multi-purpose models as some of their sulfatases/enzymes are also affected in MSD.”
Alan Finglas
MSD Action Foundation founder

Our Progress

MSD mutant flies are in the lab and phenotyping has begun!

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Grace Science Logo

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Launching the Multiple Sulfatase Deficiency PerlQuest

I’m excited to share the latest news! Today we announced our sixth PerlQuest partnership. Our PerlQuest partner is the Multiple Sulfatase Deficiency Action Foundation (MSDAF), a research-focused charity based in Ireland whose mission is to work towards a cure for...

Finglas family photo courtesy of John Shortt Photography

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