Passion for discovery

Dedication to science

Hope for cures

Commitment to community

Perlara was originally founded as Perlstein Lab, PBC in February 2014. Perlara is the first biotech Public Benefit Corporation (bioPBC) based in the Bay Area that is on a mission to accelerate the discovery of cures for rare genetic diseases and uncover underlying mechanisms that enable the development of treatments that work across a range of diseases and individuals.

Perlara scientists and our PERLpartners™ are mapping and navigating the Genetisphere. With our PerlArk™ Platform, we launch PerlQuests to find treatments for specific diseases and a growing treasure trove of gene modifiers to apply to gene expressions and interactions across diseases.

We are a diverse team with expertise in genetics, pharmacology, cell biology, data science and automation. We share an enthusiasm for scientific discovery and a commitment to transparency and engagement.


Platform Enablers


Lab Automation

Productivity Tools

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