Hello readers! Last month, we resurrected the old Perlara tradition of recapping the previous month through tweets. It’s a monthly roundup of what happened at Perlara – new partnerships, staff news, events that Perlara team members attended, and anything else that was tweet-worthy. Catch up on November 2018 in tweets


November 2018 in tweets: 


To start the month off, there was business news – part one: revenues. Perlara’s PerlQuest revenues increased almost 7-fold from 2017, and 20-fold from 2016!



The next day, Ethan attended the 5th annual “Living Like a Warrior” gala, hosted by our NPA PerlQuest partner, Wylder Nation, in Scottsdale, Arizona.



A few days after the gala, it was time for business news – part two: launching the Leigh Syndrome PerlQuest with Mark Cuban. Ethan and Cuban met on Twitter in 2017, over a discussion about drug pricing. After that, Cuban became a Perlara investor, and is now launching a PerlQuest to cure Leigh Syndrome, a rare, inherited neurodegenerative condition that presents itself in infancy.



Just before Thanksgiving, Ethan gave a talk at OHSU in Portland, Oregon, where he discussed using model organisms and the Perlara drug discovery platform.



Meanwhile, on the blog front, Jessica posted a 2-part explainer showing the figures from Perlara’s PMM2-CDG yeast model paper that is currently under review.



On November 28th, Perlara hosted Professor Scott Selleck of Penn State, who is working on Perlara’s Sanfilippo Syndrome PerlQuest (MPSIIIA and MPSIIIB) and the MSD PerlQuest.



The month of November 2018 in tweets started, and ended, with Wylder Nation and the NPA PerlQuest, as Aras posted an update on Perlara’s work on finding a cure for NPA, and developing an NPA patient fibroblast screen.



The month ended in celebration, as the office holiday decorations went up and, on the last day of the month, the team celebrated the birthday of Perlara’s “employee #1” one day early. Happy birthday Ethan! 



That’s a wrap! We hope you enjoyed Perlara’s November 2018 in tweets. See you next month!



Feature image: altered from the original by (c) Can Stock Photo / igor_shmel

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