Today is Perlara’s birthday — 4 years old!


As the first biotech public benefit corporation (bioPBC) we embraced openness in business and science from the start. As part of that commitment to accountability, I’m pleased to share our 2017 Benefit Corporation Report. It covers our first 3.5 years of operations over which we transformed from scrappy startup to platform company. So from April 2014, when the first investment wires hit our account, to December 2017.

On this day moving forward, we will issue Benefit Reports annually to coincide not only with our company birthday but also with World Rare Disease week. In this moment of reflection, here’s a quick glance back at notable company milestones documented by contemporaneous tweets.


Perlara at 6 weeks in QB3@953 (now MBC Biolabs) in the Dogpatch. Like those intrepid flies, we were just getting started on a journey into the unknown.


A few months later, the lab was fully booted up.



In less than a year, we were presenting the first data on our lead compound P101 (aka PERL101) at the annual Parseghian research conference for Niemann-Pick Type C in South Bend (now Tucson).



And a little more than a year after that poster session, the preclinical data package for P101 helped us close a validating deal with Novartis.



A few months after that announcement, we debuted the PerlQuest.



We ended 2017 with $250,000 in PerlQuest revenues, half of which we’ve already booked in the first six weeks of 2018. Onward!

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