Hello readers! We’re resurrecting an old Perlara tradition of recapping the previous month through tweets. It’ll be a monthly roundup of what happened at Perlara – new partnerships, staff news, events that Perlara team members attended, and anything else that was tweet-worthy. Catch up on October 2018 in tweets, and look for it every month! 


October 2018 in tweets: 

First and foremost, Chris Spiewak joined our Worm Team, where he’ll be working with Sangeetha, Kausalya and Hillary, and putting his passion for all things nematode to work. Being a team player, he’s currently also helping the Fly Team.


October was a big travel month for some on the Perlara team. Ethan warmed up for his cross-country travel schedule early in the month by discussing evolutionary pharmacology and startup life with trainees at the Keck Graduate Institute in Claremont, CA.



This was immediately followed by Global Genes’ Rare Patient Advocacy Summit in Irvine, CA, where rare disease patients, families, advocates, scientists, academics and medical professionals gathered to learn, network and collaborate. Ethan, Nina and Feba attended. This year, Perlara had a booth…and model organism stickers!



After Global Genes, Ethan headed to L.A. for “Party for a Cure”, a fundraising gala hosted by Mission: Cure and National Pancreas Foundation.



Back at the office, Jessica was hard at work. Earlier on the day of the “Party for a Cure” gala, she posted an update on Perlara’s pancreatitis PerlQuest partnership with Mission: Cure.



Nina was active on the blog, too. Her first post was about Perlara’s Sanfilippo syndrome PerlQuest (MPSIIIA & MPSIIIB) with our partner, the Cure Sanfillipo Foundation.



Nina’s second post was about launching the Cori disease (GSDIII) PerlQuest with the University of Notre Dame and the Warren Center.



In the meantime, Perlara received some new press. C&EN (Chemical & Engineering News) published a piece on Perlara’s unconventional path to drug development.



After a short break, Ethan hit the road again, giving an invited talk at the University of Ottawa about using model organisms. Like at the Keck Graduate Institute earlier in the month, he met with grad students beforehand to discuss biotech entrepreneurship and the power of Twitter as a platform in the rare disease community.



Then, he was off to Cambridge, MA, where he spoke about Perlara and PerlQuests before a packed house.


Ethan ended his multi-city East Coast tour with a talk at North Carolina State’s Comparative Medicine Institute.



Last but not least, the month ended with Halloween, so there was some costume action at the lab. Nina tried to lead the team in an aerobics routine, and Hillary reminded everyone that it was lunch time.



That’s a wrap! We hope you enjoyed Perlara’s October 2018 in tweets. See you next month!


Image edited from original by Patrcik Fore of Unsplash

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