In June, we launched Perlara On the Go, a monthly post updating you on upcoming events – be they conferences that Perlara team members are participating in, events that may be of interest to the life sciences community at large, or recaps of past events. Read on for Perlara On the Go August 2018!

Upcoming Events

SLC13A5 Deficiency Research Roundtable

August 20, 2018
Palo Alto, CA

The 3rd Annual SLC13A5 Deficiency Research Roundtable is a conference created by the TESS Research Foundation to keep researchers, clinicians, and industry up to date on the latest research and to facilitate communication between researchers and families.

Ethan Perlstein will be attending

Perlara On the Go August 2018 GSA Logo

GSA Yeast Genetics Meeting

August 22 – 26, 2018
Stanford, CA

The Yeast Genetics Meeting (#Yeast18) is the premier meeting for anyone studying eukaryotic biology using the powerful experimental model Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Ethan Perlstein and Jessica Lao will be attending. Jessica will present a poster.

Read about Perlara’s plans to model pancreatitis in yeast as a part of the Pancreatitis PerlQuest partnership with Mission: Cure


CE Neuro 2018 recap 600x315px

CE Neuro 2018 Conference Recap

By Sangeetha Iyer

Sangeetha and Zach Parton recap their time at CE Neuro 2018 – the first of two C. elegans topic meetings. Held at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, the conference focused on neuronal development, synaptic function & behavior.

CE Aging 2018 Conference 400x400px

CE Aging 2018 Conference Recap

By Kausalya Murthy

Read Kausalya and Hillary Tsang’s experience at the second of the C. elegans conferences – CE Aging 2018. The conference focused on aging, metabolism, pathogenesis and small RNAs in C. elegans.


Look for recaps of the ML4 Research, UMDF Mitochondrial Medicine, Grace Science Foundation, PMSF International Family and NNPDF’s 26th Annual Family Conferences on the Perlara blog in the coming weeks! 

Industry at Large

2018 Bloom’s Syndrome Conference

August 9 – 11, 2018
Chicago, IL

A conference bringing together individuals and families from across the globe who are affected by Bloom’s syndrome, to learn about the latest research, discuss care and management, build community, and create a plan for action and advocacy.

Perlara On the Go August 2018 Y Combinator logo

Y Combinator Demo Day

August 20 – 22, 2018
Mountain View, CA

A three day-long event where startups present their product or service to about 450 investors. Perlara is a 2016 graduate of YC Bio, a formal program for Y Combinator to fund life science companies still in the lab phase. HappiLabs, our virtual lab manager founded by Perlara finance and operations advisor Tom Ruginis, is in the class of summer 2018. Go Tom and other bio companies disrupting the life sciences industry!!


Like being in the know about Perlara team members’ whereabouts and life science industry events? Look for Perlara On the Go at the beginning of each month!

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