Starting this month, we are going to use our blog to update you on upcoming events – be they conferences that Perlara team members are participating in, or events that may be of interest to the life sciences community at large. In addition, we will include recaps of past events when available. Enjoy the Perlara On the Go debut! 

Upcoming Events



ML4 Research Conference

June 24 – 26, 2018
Atlanta, Georgia

This biennial meeting, open to all researchers engaged in basic, clinical and translational science pertaining to MLIV, aims to provide a collaborative and dynamic environment for sharing current research about TRPML1, channel function, disease pathology, translational efforts, clinical research, and more.

Attended by Ethan Perlstein, who will be presenting

Read about Perlara’s high throughput screen process in MLIV flies, and in developing an ML4 drug repurposing screen


Perlara on the Go June 2018 CE Neuro 171x184px

CE Neuro 2018

C.elegans Topic Meeting: Neuronal Development, Synapse Function and Behavior

June 25 – 28, 2018
University of Wisconsin, Madison

Scientific Topics: Neural Circuits and Behavior, Neurodevelopment, Synaptic Function and Modulation, Sensation, Behavior and Plasticity, Aging, Neural Diseases and Regeneration, Technical advances, Community Resources.

Attended by Sangeetha Iyer and Zach Parton, who will be presenting

Read about Perlara’s work in developing a screen for PMM-2 deficiency in worms.


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UMDF Mitochondrial Medicine 2018

June 27 – 30, 2018
Nashville, Tennessee

The United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation Symposium has been recognized by many researchers, scientists, and families as THE symposium for mitochondrial disease in the world. The close to 600 attendees represent almost every state in the United States, and more than 15 different countries from around the world.

Scientific/Clinical Program: June 27 – 30, 2018
Patient/Family and LHON Program: June 28 – 30, 2018

Attended by Ethan Perlstein, who will be presenting

CE Aging 2018

Aging, Metabolism, Stress, Pathogenesis and Small RNAs in C. elegans

June 28 – July 1, 2018
University of Wisconsin, Madison

The 2018 C. elegans “Topics” Meeting, will cover: Aging, Metabolism, Pathogenesis, Stress, and Small RNAs, and will feature  many plenary sessions, posters and social gatherings.

Keynote Speaker: Anne Brunet, Stanford University

Attended by Kausalya Murthy and Hillary Tsang

Read about Perlara’s work in developing an NGLY1 worm screen, as well as a worm model of Niemann-Pick Type A. 


2018 ara parseghian scientific-research conference featured image 500x300

2018 Parseghian Scientific Research Conference Recap

By Ethan Perlstein

Read Ethan’s reflections on the 2018 Michael, Marcia and Christa Parseghian Scientific Conference, the arc of NPC research, and on being a member of the NPC rare disease community.

Industry at Large

Perlara on the Go June 2018 Rare on the Road 445x506px

RARE on the Road 2018

June 9, 2018: Houston, TX
June 30, 2018: Salt Lake City, UT
July 21, 2018: Nashville, TN

The EveryLife Foundation and Global Genes partner for RARE on the Road, a Rare Disease Leadership Tour to bring critical education and insights to rare disease patients, caregivers and other advocates, and to activate the rare disease community at the local level.


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